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Mythic Glory


Be equipped and craft your equipment to be the most potent it can! The only way to progress is to boost your character’s attributes, and the smartest warriors know how to maximize their equipment.

[Event Entry]

Click the "Blacksmith" icon on the bottom to enter.


[Unlock Requirement]

Enchant unlocks at character level 3. Advance, Socket, Convert, Refinement, Recycle unlock with as the character level increases.


[Gameplay Info]


1. Consume Gold to enchant.

2. Enchant is not guaranteed to succeed. Failed enchantment do not change the original enchantment level. Input Luck Stones to increase the success rates.

3. Click Quick Enchant to enchant all body parts 1 time. Select a single body part to enchant 1 or 5 times.



1. Each part has an open Gem slot. Use Socketing Rods to gradually unlock more slots.

2. Gems of the same type can not be socketed to the same part.

3. Consume Gold to remove Gems from the slots and return them to the Inventory.

4. Reach a certain Total Gem Level to activate slot attribute bonuses. Socket gems to #3, #4 and #5 slots to gain bonus attributes.

5. The higher the total level of the socketed gems, the higher the attributes bonus the gem slots grant.


1. Only activated attributes can be refreshed. Attributes activation costs Gold and is not guaranteed to succeed.

2. Consume Refinement Crystal to refine. The higher the star level of the attributes, the more the refinement costs.

3. Attributes gained from refining take effect only after replacing the old attributes.

4. Check the boxes on the left side to lock certain attributes. The locked attributes will not change during Refinement (each locked attribute consumes 1 Refinement Lock).

5. Reach certain total refinement stars to gain huge attributes and unlock new attributes.

6. Recycle level 30+ equipment to obtain Refinement Crystals. The higher the level of the recycled equipment, the more Refinement Crystals players get.



1. Synthesis costs Gold and has a guaranteed success rate.

2. Gem Transposers can be purchased from Shop.

3. Players can consume Balens to immediately synthesize a higher level Gem if there is insufficient materials when completing synth.


1. Convert costs Gold and has a guaranteed success rate.

2. Place an item into the slot to view and select the desired item.